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Our Nurses: Our Future

​In honour of this year's International Nurses Day theme, declared by the International Council of Nurses (ICN) as "Our Nurses. Our Future. The economic power of care," we will be celebrating the unique contributions of mental health nurses.

Annually observed on May 12th, International Nurses Day serves as a platform to acknowledge the extraordinary efforts of all nurses, challenge societal perceptions, and emphasise the profound impact that strategic investments in nursing can have on both the economic and societal landscapes.

In alignment with the International Nurses Day festivities, the ICN is set to unveil a report focusing on the economic power of mental health care. This concept centres around the notion that investing in nursing care not only promotes the well-being of individuals and communities but also acts as a catalyst for building robust and flourishing societies.

For Mental Health Nurses, International Nurses Day holds special significance as it recognises and applauds your dedicated efforts. By placing a spotlight on nurses on this important day, the ICN affirms the professional standing and significance of nursing. The chosen theme underscores the economic value of investing in nursing, potentially leading to increased resources and support for Mental Health Nurses, benefiting both the professionals and the patients they serve. This event serves as an opportunity to reshape perceptions about mental health nursing, dispel misconceptions, and foster a more accurate understanding of the diverse responsibilities and impact of mental health nursing in healthcare settings. It is undoubtedly an occasion worth marking on your calendars.

The International Council of Nurses (ICN) stands as a global federation encompassing over 130 national nursing associations, collectively advocating for the interests of more than 28 million nurses worldwide. The ICN's mission is to champion the nursing profession and advance healthcare on an international scale.