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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

We are honest and transparent about
equality, diversity and inclusion – with ourselves and with those we work with.

We are always learning, always challenging
our own unconscious biases, always aiming
to do better - across every aspect of our business.

We train our people to recruit against our core values of fairness and equity, being aware of unconscious bias in their recruitment activity when presenting suitable candidate lists. And we encourage our clients to do the same, offering them advice and providing a de-biasing checklist.
We ensure our candidate onboarding system is comprehensive and our helpdesk are trained against our non-biased core values and can assist with documents and advice.
We recommend a Fair Working Policy for clients (which we follow ourselves) stipulating that remuneration for staff completely avoids religious, cultural or gender bias, and that an Equal Pay Policy has been implemented. Accordingly, we only work with clients that pay above the National Living Wage for all staff.
We assist in the development of inclusive job descriptions, by removing gendered pronouns and references to age. This reduces perceived barriers to candidates looking to apply.
We encourage our clients to use recruitment materials that depict a wide range of social groups, as these are more likely to positively influence a job seeker to apply for a role.